Trails I Love: Cedar Cove

The drive down the bay from Corner Brook through the Bay of Islands is incredible. The towns get more remote, the ocean views get more incredible, and once you hit the Blomidon Mountain Range its hard to keep your eyes on the road. The Cedar Cove trails are some of my favourites, part of the…

Roadtrips: Exploring the Bonavista Peninsula

A roadtrip of the Bonavista Peninsula in Newfoundland. A quiet beach morning in English Harbour, a spooky tour of abandoned factories in Port Union, cliffs and icebergs in Elliston, and the bustling old English town of Bonavista. Video by Heather Nolan, Getting Lost Music: Ten Times Around by Dead Language.

Featured on: The Overcast

I wrote a list of Pros and Cons on Car Camping in Gros Morne this month. Check out the article on The Overcast here! And stay tuned for more features on this adventure!

Straying From the Path in Three Pond Barrens

On a snowy afternoon, we left the path and made our own through the trees. Never facing the same direction for too long, climbing over roots and wiggling through tree branches. We came upon a frozen pond and watched the darkness moving toward us. The way the snow moves in patterns on the wind across…

The Hidden Gem of the Baie Verte Peninsula

On the long winding drive to Fleur de Lys, I decided to start pulling off and exploring other communities a little to break up the drive through endless walls of trees. Coachman’s Cove was a totally unexpected gem that I knew I would have to explore deeper. Here’s why this is my favourite town on…

Winter Activities: A Not-So-Old-Fashioned Boil-Up

Winter afternoons are best spent in the company of friends, fire and snacks. And the woods. If you’re not familiar with the term, a “boil up” is sort of like a winter picnic, where you build a fire and make some tea, and maybe beans or soup or some sort of warm meal to share,…

Discovering the Corner Brook Stream Trails

I had been in Corner Brook for almost two weeks, with most of my time spent indoors unpacking, working, and trying to get set up in a new city. And honestly, the city felt a little clausterphobic and industrial – for the Captial of Outdoor Adventure, at least. And then I found the Corner Brook…

My First Bottle Cove Sunset

We drove back from Grand Falls just in time to get a (very late) (very delicious) breakfast at Best Coast Cafe. As we’re finishing he says, “If we leave now, we can catch the sunset in Bottle Cove.” Down the bay, snaking through the tiny towns and around Blomidon Mountain, that great mass of white….

Tilting: Fogo Island Winter Adventure

An afternoon spent exploring around Tilting, Fogo Island, where the ice reached out to hold hands and form sheets, where the red on white struck us, where the winds were cold and long, where we walked along the sea to a place high above.