A round up of my most recommended books for this cozy winter reading season:



1. North of Normal – Cea Sunrise Person
This was such an incredible read: a memoir of a woman who grew up in a myriad of bizarre situations, largely in a camp in the woods of northern Canada with her counter-culture family. I found it very interesting to see wilderness from the perspective of someone who felt the need to escape it in order to find identity.


2. Wilderness Essays – John Muir 
I wanted to start diving into the journals of the great explorers, and John Muir’s essays were the perfect way. This collection spans his expeditions in Alaska, the Sierras and several of National Parks in the American Rockies. His writing is at once immediate, curious, and spiritual. My kind of explorer.


3. Alone Against the North – Adam Shoalts
In this book, Shoalts plans and prepares for several attempts at the same expedition in Northern Canada, with the goal of mapping uncharted territory in the modern day. Something of his almost insane determination to fulfill this mission, even though it strikes him down multiple times, was the most gripping thing.



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