I’m Heather and I love getting very, very lost.

I am a photographer, writer, and wild hearted wanderer. I love seeing places I’ve never been before, I love mountains and oceans and forests and I love standing too close to the edge.


This project began as a platform to show my adventures as I explore the world around me, and has grown into a creative outlet for the art of wandering. I am super excited for it to grow into a place where other people can share their stories of the relationships between creativity and wilderness.

My writing and photography have been featured in The Overcast, Old Crow Magazine, Rock Island Magazine, Secret East, Styled in Lace, Festival Brides, The Western Star, The Newfoundland Herald, The Paragon and more.

If you are interested in getting in touch regarding collaborations, please email me at HeatherLNolan @ gmail.com

“In this newly minted / interval you realize the / wilderness / between one breath / and another.” – Don McKay