Heather Nolan is an amateur adventurer based in Corner Brook, NL seeking beauty in all moments. She is a photographer, writer, musician, dreamer and avid beach rock collector.

Getting Lost is a project all about exploring Newfoundland, standing on ground I have never stood on before, and chasing the feeling of great heights. This began as an attempt to get found. I am happy to report that I am still very, very lost.

My writing and photography has been featured on Old Crow Magazine, The Overcast, The Western Star, The Paragon, and many more. You can follow along with my adventures on instagram, twitter, facebook, or #gettinglostnl.

Lastly, a quick note on my adventure style: I am not an athlete. I am not competitive. I am not a professional thrill-seeker. I move at my own pace, and am more concerned about spending some down time drinking tea with the view than with how quickly I got there. I am all about spending time in nature, taking photos, enjoying the freedom of the wild. I am not about endurance and fitness. Thus, the adventures listed here are suitable for anyone, in any sort of physical fitness level.


Photo by Jane Walker


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