I am very excited to open this platform to submissions for those who would like to contribute content! Getting Lost is a creative outdoors blog, so here are a few things to keep in mind before submitting:

1. Creative Outdoors Blog! There are plenty of platforms for more technical posts, but this one strives to evoke the creative and the spiritual.

2. I’m looking for content for these specific features:
Into the Wild [Adventure Photo Essays, with a short description, depicting an adventure. Suggested topics include road trips, back country exploration, camping stories, winter activities, etc. A min of 8 photos and a max of 500 words would be super!]
Field Notes [wilderness reflections, inspiration, personal essays, thoughts and meditations on what it means to be a creative outdoor adventurer. With or without photos, max 900 words]
Community Posts [Tips, tricks, suggestions, reviews, anything you think will fit with the Getting Lost brand! Please query for details]

3. If you really love your idea and think it’s a great fit, ignore the rules and submit anyway. It’s what I’d do.

4. At this point, I can’t pay you. I’m sry. Some day.

ALL SUBMISSIONS can be mailed to GettingLostNL@gmail.com. Please include text in the body of the email OR as a word file in a Dropbox along with the images. Please do not attach images or files.

Looking forward to hearing your stories!